Cause of Death:


Stop it, my head will swell, lol!But confession time… I seriously thought I already was. Ooops :|


Stop it, my head will swell, lol!

But confession time… I seriously thought I already was. Ooops :|


"everyone has a choice katniss! i’d rather die than say what he said!"

- said the cousin-zoned bro who did NOT go through two hunger games, was NOT directly made pawn by the Capitol, did NOT lost his leg, did NOT lose his entire family, did NOT get TORTURED as a war prisoner, did NOT get hijacked but instead designed bombs that targeted children and wanted to bomb civilians in District 2 whom he did NOT dain to give a choice to and volunteered them as collateral damage

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"#but how can i truly appreciate this when peeta's being tortured?" Best (and most accurate) tag ever!

Haha, thanks! I saw those pizzas and started salivating, and then genuinely felt guilty for thinking about food, especially baked food, because bread, and Peeta’s family are dead, and the bakery is gone, and…. 

Oh god….

I’m spiralling again.




i woke up to this


and actually fell out of bed

and then this was in the article



so i got back into bed so i could fall out of it again




You know you’re too far gone when one literal second of your fictional hero appears and it’s enough to fling yourself across your bed and sob Disney princess style.


Guys I’m certain this is a hospital room.. He is rescued. And now he is looking at  Katniss..


sdasjdhjsakd Help me.. I’m So.Not.Okay.

Me right now


I’ve had quite a few new followers today here for the vegan food porn. Ummm…. excuse me while I go into Peeta feels meltdown. Normal service will be resumed one day. But sorry folks, today is not that day.


I would apologize to my non-HG followers for my posts today, but that would be a goddamn lie and we all know it. I’m not sorry. I’m not even CLOSE to sorry right now.

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It's very real. I am weak.

I’m literally breathless. And crying. And oh my god…. Just…..